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"Dear Friends, One of the first items on my to-do list was to find a new hair salon. After nearly 15 years at Illusions, I was used to exceptional customer service and careful attention to details. And I quickly learned those are qualities not offered by every salon. After 4 months and several attempts, I have finally found the right one, and she encouraged me to write and let you know how wonderful you all are.

Kudos and high praise to Illusions!! You take good care of your clients, you listen and respond to their needs, and you provide attentive service with good cheer and a smile every time. Thank you for being the best hair salon in West Seattle . . . and maybe even the world!"  - Mary D.

"It's the best haircut my husband has had in over 40 years!" -  Judy R.

"Such a good vibe in here!" - Sue S.

"You're one of the treasures of West Seattle!" - Helen W.

"I just LOVE IT!" -Carol P.

"I love coming in here. Everyone's so nice" - Laura B.

"It's the most perfect perm and haircut I've ever had... Absolutely wonderful!" - Dorothy W.

"I freaking love it! My husband freaking loves it! Thank you! Thank you!" - Laura M.

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To be a good communicator, listening comes first. We ask questions, do surveys, and always listen to our customers needs. Communication is the most important part of our job and it begins with listening.


Because when people work together you will be given much better service. On-going education, weekly team meetings, and skill standards are essential. We listen to you, consult with you, and then work as a team to make sure you are receiving the best service possible. 
Interested in a stylist position at Illusions?...Click HERE.


You are coming to a team salon that has a no-tipping policy for your benefit. There are no hidden charges. We always do our best to give you more than you expect.


Having standards that every team member must adhere to means you can depend on consistent performance.


Your records are important to you and to us. All records of your visits, services, and products you have purchased are kept from your first appointment on. You can depend on those records being kept up-to-date.


It is important to give back to the community. That is why ILLUSIONS sponsors two major fund raisers each year: "Have a Heart Day" in February, and "Pencil Me In For Kids" during the summer. Both are designed to give back to the local community. We also donate to nearly 100 local school and other organization auctions each year.
We take pride in the products 
we carry in our salon. 
If you are unhappy with a product you may exchange it for another product 
or a credit toward a 
future retail purchase within 30 days 
of the original purchase. 
We do not refund cash 
on retail purchases.