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A-La-Carte Color Menu:
  ADD a Standard Style to Any Color Service for $25 (reg $40)
​  ADD $20 for hair density or length

Demi-Permanent Glossing : $70 Retouch / $90 Initial
Providing a beautiful shine, vibrancy, and condition in a multitude of color ranges, GLOSSING is a great way to add warmth or add richness & shine to your natural color.
​  ADD a "Sparklight or Panel" service for $25 (reg $70)

Permanent Color Tinting : $70 Retouch / $90 Initial
Tinting color is not just on the surface of the hair but is drawn into the hair follicle itself. It is an excellent choice for covering grey or resistant hair types.
​  ADD a "Sparklight or Panel" service for $25 (reg $70)

Elumen Coloring : $70 Retouch / $90 Initial
Elumen is a pure pigment color, with no developer additive needed. This line offers a unique range of bold, vibrant hues such as PINK, PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE & more. If pre-lightening of the hair is required to achieve select colorations, an additional fee will apply.

Blonding & Toning : $80+ Retouch / $110+ Initial
Lightening of your natural or base hair color more than 3 shades and requires a lightening and/or toning service.  Based on hair density & length.

Sparklight : $70
Our version of a 'mini-foil', consisting of up to 15 foils usually in the bang or front area.

Foiling : $115 Partial / $135 Full
Foiling (also referred to as a 'weave' or a 'highlight') is the application of of lighter or darker colors placed in foil packets. 

Ombré or Balayage: $135 +
Ombré is a technique that creates a varied shade to the lower lengths of the hair. This can include natural tones and vibrant hues which may require the additional service of a “Toner” or “Elumen”, depending on the color(s) you wish to achieve. 
complimentary consultation is usually recommended for this service.

Toner : $30
Toner - An additional service that may be added after your hair is lightened to achieve your ideal tone.

Hairline Color : $40
 Hairline - Gloss or Tint color is only applied to the hairline/part line.

Colors On Trend : Starting at $25
Ideas for such trends have been from bright PANELS of color, to “FEATHERS” which we PAINT IN THE HAIR. Pricing for these services will vary depending on time & effect to be achieved. A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION is REQUIRED for these services.

Corrective Color 
(By Consultation ONLY) : $135+

At Illusions Hair Design, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our HAIR services are guaranteed for two weeks. If you are dissatisfied with your service results, please call us if a follow-up appointment is necessary.


ALL “missed” appointments 
may require a credit card 
in order to book 
future appointments.
We reserve the right to charge 
50% of your future service 
for any subsequent 
or cancellations 
made with less than 
24 hour notice.

We appreciate your business, 
and your support in helping us 
to operate a sustainable business.

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Initial Color Service Pricing is implemented with more than 1 1/2 inches of regrowth, or  if you have not had a color service at Illusions for more than 4 months.

Our COLORISTS now use TIGI Copyright Colour 
for our permanent & gloss hair coloring...
The ultimate color palette for customizable color options!

Select color services: ADD $20 for hair density or length, 
or if you have not had a color service for more than 4 months.